WE PROVIDE 'whole of country solutions' 

Through the Global Reach Initiative & Development (GRID) Pacific Programme, we support your vision and heritage, while helping you showcase the beauty and charisma of your culture, landscapes, oceans, and people, to the world.


WE BRING the best TECH to you

With the latest technologies from Google Street View, GRID Pacific will capture panoramic high-resolution imagery, accurate 3D depth information, and GPS and GIS location data that can be displayed in Google Earth. And we can provide state-of-the-art 360-degree video, drone, augmented and virtual reality technologies to bring the benefits of global reach to your doorstep.

A Game-Changer in Education

”Imagine exploring the coral reefs [of the Pacific]. With Google Expeditions, teachers can take students on immersive, virtual journeys.”
— Google Expeditions

YOU get great results

  • Comprehensive maps and 3D street imagery accessible in Google Earth
  • Globally recognized street addresses
  • Accurate GPS and GIS geospatial data (longitude & latitude)
  • Excellence navigation and directions capability (including landmarks)
  • Improved infrastructure, environmental, and disaster planning and response
  • Mapping healthcare and education systems (e.g. hospitals, schools)
  • Increased capability and capacity with technology training and business development


Find out more about partnerships and the opportunities of participating in the Global Reach Initiative & Development Programme

  • Family and friends can connect virtually from anywhere in the world
  • Improved business opportunities
  • Authentic stories and local knowledge shared on global platforms
  • Increased real and virtual tourism revenue through creating excellent cultural tourism experiences in augmented and virtual reality.
  • Data protection, encryption, and storage with Google services (including Earth, Street View, Maps, and Search) that has one of the world's most advanced security infrastructures.


        Contact GRID Pacific Director        Tania Wolfgramm on tania.wolfgramm@gmail.com