Genuine partnerships that are authentic, collaborative, and durable are important to the Global Reach Initiative & Development (GRID) Pacific Team. We believe that it is important to treat everyone with honour, respect and dignity. We acknowledge that every person, community, and country, has unique strengths and vulnerabilities, and we aim to be responsive to your needs . And we endeavour to be inclusive and transparent in all that we do.

The Global Reach Initiative and Development (GRID) Pacific Team includes:

Tania Wolfgramm, Executive Director, Producer, Global Reach Initiative | GRID Pacific

Trustee, Strategist, Technologist, Designer, Researcher, Specialist (Cultural Psychology, Evaluation), Indigenous Storyteller, Tania is a Trustee of Pou Kapua Creations Trust, Director of TE HA VRAR Alliance, and the founder of the HAKAMANA System of Transformative Design, Development, and Evaluation – see www.hakamana.comwww.poukapua.comwww.smartpathhealthcare.com  

Wikuki Kingi, QSM, Director, Global Reach Initiative | GRID Pacific

Tohunga, Cultural Symbologist, Native Scientist / Technologist, Creative Designer. Wikuki has an extensive history of designing, creating, and carving marae and artistic and cultural treasures for local and global communities, including the world’s largest Maori / Pacific totem Pou Kapua, now also in virtual reality – www.poukapua.comwww.whaotapu.comwww.planetmaori.com

Moka Apiti, Director, GIS specialist, Google Geospatial Tools, GIS Data Capture / Data Analysis / Map Production / Training. Moka utilises a wide range of Geo-spatial tools including Google Earth Engine, Time Lapse, My Maps, Fusion Tables, and Tour Builder – see www.digitalnavigatorsltd.com

Isaac Rolfe, Director, RIVER - IT / Data Science & Analytics / Platform Design and Development – see also www.weareriver.nz  

Dr Rachel Wolfgramm, Director, Trustee, Senior Lecturer, Investigator / Researcher, International Business & Sustainability, Economic development, Leadership, Organisational Culture, Leadership, Economies of Wellbeing, University of Auckland, School of Business; World University Network - see also www.business.auckland.ac.nz/people/rwol001

Vincent Wolfgramm-Russell, Mathematician, Algorithmist, Inverse Problems Solutions, Numerical Programming, Quantum Physics.

Collaboration: TE HA VRAR Alliance

Honouring Cultural & Creative Genius in Reality, Virtual Reality, and Augmented Reality

A collaboration between Pou Kapua Creations | Global Reach Initiative [GRID Pacific], River / IDesign Media, and Reality Virtual, the TE HA VRAR Alliance are a culturally diverse Maori / Pacific / Kiwi team comprising entrepreneurs, technology experts and artists who are passionate about the innate value of storytelling. Through our Planet Māori Manukura, Te Mana Raraunga (Māori Data Sovereignty Network), Māori ICT Network, Industry Alliances, University of Auckland, and Auckland University of Technology networks, we have extensive multi-tribal, multi-institutional, and multi-sectoral support connections across New Zealand, the Pacific, and internationally. The TE HA VRAR Alliance has a unique skillset that integrates cultural identity, data science and analytics, the latest in VR and immersive experience technologies, platform design and development, AI and machine learning, media production, and brand strategy. Combining great process methodologies with the latest digital innovations we create beautiful, bespoke, meaningful VR, AR, and digital experiences.

See our profile here to learn more about the TE HA VRAR Alliance

With Google Street View | Google Maps | Google Earth | GMB | Google Partnerships Team

Tech Experts: NCTech | VR World | Insta360 | Go Pro | Panoskin

Our special thanks to the following people, groups, and organisations for their support:

Tonga: Dr Viliami Fifita, Government Statistician, Mr Siosifa Pomana, CEO, Tonga Post; Mr Leveni ‘Aho, Director, National Emergency Management Office (NEMO); Mrs Emeline Tuita, CEO, Ministry of Tourism; Mr Sione Moala, Deputy CEO Tourism; Ms Saane Ake (NEMO); Tupou College; Little Italy Hotel, Nuku’alofa; Port Wine Guest House Vava’u; Proteus Charters; GRID Tonga Support Team - Mr Aisake ‘Unga; Captain Aunofo Funaki of Tonga Voyaging Society; Ms Darcy Wolfgramm-Russell; Ms Lia Lu’isa; Tupou; Mr Solo Tefisi Lei (Bike SV); Mr Sione Pulu Fonua (Horse SV)

Cook Islands: Mr Charles Carlson, Director, Emergency Management Cook Islands (EMCI), Office of the Prime Minister; Mr Stan Wolfgramm, Te Ara Cook Islands Museum of Cultural Enterprise; Ms Karla Eggelton, Cook Islands Tourism Marketing Corporation; Mrs Justina Nicholas, Ministry of Cultural Development; Bluesky Cook Islands; Polynesian Rentals; Air New Zealand; GRID Cook Islands Advisors - Mr Timoti Tangiruaine (EMCI); Mr Reboama Samuel (Cook Islands Infrastructure)

The Global Reach Initiative supports the Sustainable Development Goals (UN Agenda 2030)

The Global Reach Initiative and Development (GRID) framework has been developed using the HAKAMANA System of Transformative Design which is guided by the principles of respect,    a recognition of the inherent value of each other, an understanding of cultural values, meaningful engagement and participation, protection and safety, being creative, generous, useful and valuable.  For more about this approach visit hakamana.com


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