Kingdom of Tonga - First in the World

The Kingdom of Tonga will be the first country in the world to participate in the Global Reach Initiative and Development (GRID) Pacific Programme.

The GRID Pacific Programme honours the vision and values of the people of Tonga, their cultural heritage and beliefs, and their passion and devotion for their wonderful kingdom.

The GRID Programme includes a number of interlinked phases including 1. Vision, Scope, Design; 2. Engage, Plan, Test; 3. Activate, Data Acquisition; 4. Data Processing, Review, Publishing, LiveLaunch; and 5. Ongoing Support, Training, Capability and Capacity Building.

Our GRID Programme Services* include: Whole of Country Mapping & Google Street View; 360 Degree Video; Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) / Drone Capture; Storytelling, Education, Tourism Apps; Augmented & Mixed Reality Apps; Virtual Reality Experiences; and much more...                 

The GRID Pacific Progamme links to Google System & Services including:

  • Google Earth - digital version of planet earth
  • Google Maps - web mapping service
  • Google Street View - 3D panoramic view
  • Google Voyager - showcase interactive tours
  • Google Search - most used web search engine
  • Google Chrome - freeware web browser
  • Gmail - free email service
  • Calendar - free calendar & events management
  • Translate - multilingual machine translation
  • YouTube – most used video-sharing website

*While some of these are offered free or at minimal cost, others have fees associated with them.


If you wish to find out more about our partnerships and participation in this Global Reach Initiative please contact GRID Pacific Director Tania Wolfgramm on