GRID Tonga scheduled to start in December

The GRID Street View Team is heading to your island, town, or village - starting in Tongatapu in December!

We aim to start out in Tongatapu on the 6th December, travelling across the whole island with our special Street View camera, covering Nuku'alofa and more than 70 villages over a period of several days. Weather permitting, we would love to take some 360 degree high resolutions photos of great sites including Ha'amonga, the Blow Holes, Ha'atafu, and some other sightseeing spots. Then in February and March we will head up to Ha'apai and Vava'u, and go over to 'Eua to capture data of the towns, villages, and sites on those beautiful islands. And we want to get our gear up to 'Ongo Niua for picking up Street View of the villages of Niuafo'ou and Niuatoputapu.

We will let everyone know when the GRID Google Street View Car will be heading your way - and we will keep you posted with the final schedule (weather permitting).

This will give you time to 'look sharp' - prepare your homestead, your village, tidy up your lawns, paint and put out your shop signs - yes, put your best foot forward and your friendliest smile on for the world!

And check out our Resources page for some cool posters - feel free to download them, share them, print them - have fun!

Looking forward to seeing you soon - Tania, Wikuki, Moka (GRID Pacific) and the Google Team :)

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